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In 2007 the photos evidencing enormous Val Kilmer weight gain have been published in tabloids all over the world. Back then it seemed like the days when Kilmer, the star of Top Gun and other action movies, was ranked among the sexiest actors in the world are gone forever. In fact, most people were convinced that over the following years is physique is going to deteriorate: after all, it is hard to reverse such trends when you are already in your fifties. As the latest pictures suggest those who expected the worst were wrong: Kilmer has actually managed to regain control over his body and dropped some 80 pounds. But before we get there, let’s talk about the reasons that led to Val Kilmer weight gain on the first place.
When the journalists and his fans have first noticed that the actor is bloating in everyone’s eyes, many of them were tempted to suggest that this is because of his age. According to them, the actor is already in his fifties, so it is unfair to expect him to look the same way as he did in his twenties or thirties. We have to admit that this line of argumentation is not completely illegitimate. As the years go by, our metabolism slows down making in harder to keep the pounds off. Plus, it is almost impossible to maintain a perfect muscle tone when you are in your fifties.

However, there are plenty of Hollywood actors who have shown that the age is not an excuse to stop taking care of your body. Furthermore, these actors have proved that with the help of professional trainers, nutritionists and some personal will a man can look just as good in is sixties, as e did in is twenties (or in some cases, even better)!
So what was the actual reason behind Val Kilmer weight gain? People who have worked with him suggested that Val has always found it difficult to control his edgy character. In fact, some of his former colleagues have claimed that lately e had stopped even trying to do that! They revealed that as Kilmer reached the highpoint of his career, he became extremely arrogant and started to believe that he is bound to be successful, so there is no need for personal efforts. With an attitude like this, eventually Val Kilmer weight gain reached the terrifying highpoint- 270 pounds. It all started to change when the former sex symbol saw his latest images in the tabloids. Yes, I guess there is nothing better than a good kick in the ass a. k. a. the realization that an obese man staring at you from the mirror (or in this case, from the photos) is actually you.

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