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Following the release of The Dark Knight Rises and onwards there has been a lot of buzz around Tom Hardy weight gain. Yes, the man has piled on quite a few pounds of both muscle and fat for this film… In fact, his sudden transformation was so impressive, it almost overshadowed an amazing physique of Ann Hathaway displayed on the same film. And I definitely could not say that we are indifferent to perfectly shaped and toned bodies of female actresses… What happened here was just that the bulky body of Tom has left such a great impression on the audience and raise so many questions, we forgot to ask “and what bout Ann?” for a moment. Hathaway’s transformation was pretty impressive too (to say the least) and I promise we will get to this topic in one of our upcoming articles. But for now, let’s talk about Tom Hardy Weight gain.

If you have been following the career of this charming actor, you know that this is not the first time he has gained or lost weight to fit a particular role. If you remember, in Oscar winning movie Inception he looked more or less like an average guy. Before that, when Tom filmed for “Bronson”, he was even chubbier than the average guy! That’s why part of the audience jumped in their chairs as they saw Hardy in Warrior.

As his role required, in this film the actor looked like a real athlete. No matter how closely you looked, you could have barely noticed any fat on his body. Just toned, lean and perfectly build muscle. Hardy’s transformation for the Warrior was pretty shocking, but it seems nothing compared to what the actor has achieved for his next film: Tom Hardy weight gain for The Dark Knight Rises was even more impressive.

Are you wondering how did he manage to change so radically in such a short period of time? The actor has shared his secrets in numerous interviews. In order pile on both additional muscle and fat, the he had to increase his calorie intake dramatically. It was not enough to add some 200-300 calories to his daily diet and wait for the changes to become evident. At the same time Hardy has been working out, lifting weights almost every single day in order to pack on the muscle. So unless he had increased his calorie intake by some 2000 thousand calories, the energy he got with food would have been burned in the gym. Besides, in order to gain some fat Tom had to stay away from the treadmill and forget about jogging for almost a year. So now you know that the way towards Tom Hardy weight gain was not as easy as one might think.

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