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So today we are going to talk about Shelley Long weight gain. If you follow Hollywood news, you must know that during the last ten years or so this actress has been through a lot of personal drama. Also, you might have noticed that each dramatic event in her life was followed by a more or less dramatic physical transformation. These things are actually related: some people start eating more as they are under a lot of pressure and stress, while the others can’t take a bite while struggling with these emotions. So in this article we are going to discuss the most important shifts in the life of this popular actress and show you how each of them have led to Shelley Long weight gain or to the contrary, weight loss.
So let’s start from the beginning. A real break-through in Shelley’s professional career came when she was in her early thirties. Back then the actress played one of the major roles in popular television series Cheers. It’s been many years since the last episode of this show has aired on television, but I have a feeling that you know it. After all, Cheers is sort of a legend in comedy series genre. Anyway, even if you are not familiar with this show you can look for some photos of Long that were taken in the early 1980s and you will see that back in a day she was adorably fin.

I’m not saying that this actress has lost her charm later on, as Shelley Long weight gain became noticeable for the naked eye, but as for me, it was that narrow face with well sculptured cheekbones that made her just incredibly cute.
The early 1980s was an extremely important period in Shelley’s life: not only she earned a nationwide recognition with Cheers, she has also married her second husband, Bruce Tyson. Although a lot of women start piling on pounds immediately after committing to serious relationship, that is not exactly what happened with Long. At first intensive working schedule (and god knows what else) has kept her frame small, but everything started to change when the actress found herself pregnant. Naturally, Shelley has piled on quite a few pounds during her pregnancy and this was not a problem. The problem was she had difficulties trying to get rid of it and her weight continued to increase over the following years.
It was only in the early 2000s that we have witnessed Shelly getting real slim again. Unfortunately, it was due to wrong reasons: the actress has stopped eating due to severe depression that started after her divorce. As for the day, Shelley Long weight gain is obvious once again and we really hope that this is a sign of recovery!

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