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So in this article we are going to talk about Scarlet Johansson weight gain. As you know, back in the day when this actress ascended to stardom she was not the slimmest women in Hollywood. In fact, what made her so famous is not only her acting talent, but also her killer curves. If you are not completely indifferent to what happens in the realm of celebrities, you might remember the way Scarlet looked back in 2006, when she attended the Oscar ceremony wearing a tight red dress. As we have already said, she was not the skinniest lady who walked the red carpet that night. However, most people would agree that she was the hottest. And it was not Scarlet Johansson weight gain that made her look so perfectly feminine. At least as far as I can remember, she looked this way since rising to prominence.
Quite a few years after Scarlet amazed the world with her amazing red dress, she lost a significant amount of weight. The actress did not do it because she was unhappy with her former body: she did this in preparation for the role of Catwoman. As Johansson has noticed in one of her interviews, there is no magical spell to make you look great in a latex suit. In order to get into a “superhero shape”, she had to become a real gym-rat. As the actress admitted, this was not the most enjoyable period in her life.

Although she is not one of those people who would do anything to avoid working out (I guess this is why we are not going to witness a really dramatic Scarlet Johansson weight gain), she is also not obsessed with it. Normally she stays in shape by doing a little exercise and following a e healthy diet (well, relatively healthy, as the star has admitted she can’t resist grilled cheese).
So preparing for her role in the Avengers Johnson lost quite a few pounds. In fact, her transformation was so obvious, some fans called for Scarlet to stop losing weight. They just did not want their curvy diva to turn into another skinny actress. According to these guys, there is already way too many of them in Hollywood. As the actress was not willing to tell how much weight she has actually shed for this film, the speculations started. Some claimed that the actress lost 7 pounds and it was all fat, while the others suggested that she became 14 pounds lighter. Although the headlines like “An incredible Scarlet Johansson weight gain) never bothered this actress, the claims about a dramatic slim-down made her really angry. And here is an explanation why: Scarlet believes that the articles like this can encourage young girls for extreme dieting.

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