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So today we are going to talk about Ryan Gosling weight gain. During the last few years, since this young man has turned into one of the hottest actors in Hollywood and gained critical acclaim, paparazzi has followed every one of his steps. However, I have noticed that it is pretty difficult to find all the info about his physical transformation that took place in the late 2000s on one website. So I decided to solve this problem once and for all by writing an article on this topic in particular.
So where do we start? As we have already mentioned, Ryan Gosling weight gain became obvious in 2010. And let me highlight that this was not some insignificant and barely noticeable weight gain- the man piled on some 60 pounds (if a female actress had put on so much weight for no apparent reason, everyone would go crazy criticizing her)! I knew right from the start that he was doing it in order to fit the role in film “Lovely Bones”. Many actors have gone through not any less dramatic transformations just to make their characters more convincing. In fact, many of them have won Oscars and other prestigious awards for showing dedication like this (a common logic suggest that the man must really love and respect the art of acting, to commit himself for such a radical change).

To tell you the truth, when I have heard that the actor has some serious plans on piling as much as 60 lbs to fit the role in Lovely bones, I really thought that Ryan Gosling weight gain (coupled with his talent, of course) could win him an Oscar this time. However, the time has shown that I just couldn’t have been more wrong…. Not only Ryan’s great dedication (as measured in pounds he gained…) did not bring him any prestigious award, it has cost him a job! I’m not kidding! Gosling almost had a contract, but after Peter Jackson saw the fat version of him, he decided to give the role for Mark Wahlberg. Apparently, there has been some misunderstanding between Ryan and the director of “Lovely Bones”. The actor though that they both envision the main character as a cubby guy, but that is not how it actually was…. After losing a role due to such a stupid mistake Ryan felt terrible and it is not hard to understand why: out of the sudden, he found himself fat and unemployed.
As for the day, Ryan Gosling weight gain is already in the past. He lost all the unnecessary pounds after he started following his normal workout schedule and returned to his usual diet. However, I suspect that this was not the last time we have seen him gaining weigh…

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