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So today we are going to talk about Rob Mcelhenney weight gain. As you might remember, the scandal considering his looks broke out in 2011. Back then the audience of television series It Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia were absolutely shocked, as after the break between two seasons their beloved actor returned to the screens looking… well, let’s not sugarcoat it, looking fat at pretty repulsive. Needless to say, the sudden Rob Mcelhenney weight gain has raised many questions. Most importantly, people were wondering whether he transformed his body on purpose, or did the actor simply let himself go a little too far with beer and pizza parties during the holidays.

Soon the actor dissolved the mystery by making a statement: he gained all the weight, which amounted to 50 lbs, on purpose. And why exactly was this necessary? Well, as his character in television series, Mac, was always talking about packing on some mass but never did anything to achieve this, Rob though that it would be funny if in the next season he appeared as an overweight guy. Some of his fans actually found this move hilarious and praised the actor for his dedication for the role: after all, gaining so much weight in just a several months is just as difficult as getting rid of it.

However, the other part of the audience, as well as some internet bloggers, did not see Rob Mcelhenney weight gain in such a positive light.

Quite to the contrary, they claimed that in the country where unhealthy eating habits and overweight is one of the major problems, making obesity something to laugh about is both offensive and irresponsible. Furthermore, they pointed out that packing on 50 lbs and in turn putting his own health in danger just for some laughs was pretty stupid. To those critics the actor replied that was fully aware of all the risks and did his best to minimize them. Rob knew that many of his colleagues have ruined their metabolic systems exactly the same way: by putting on extensive amount of weight for the roles and then trying to lose it by following extreme diets and workout regimes. Thus while trying to pile on pounds he carefully followed the program set by a professional NFL trainer and nutritionist. As in our opinion, extreme and rapid changes are never good for the body, but Rob is a grown up man and it is not for us to judge him decisions.

As for today, Rob Mcelhenney weight gain is already in the past. In fact, the actor regained his former body before the beginning of the following season. According to him, this was an easy task thanks to his fast metabolism.

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