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Rihanna weight gain and weight loss has been among the most discussed topics over the last few years. If there weren’t any pictures attached to tabloid articles, somebody might think that this singer piles on and then sheds at least 100 lbs each and every year. We all know that this far from truth: Rihanna’s weight fluctuations are pretty frequent, but they are not exactly dramatic. I think that from her slimmest to heaviest years Rihanna weight gain amounted to some 20 lbs. It did not happen in one day, thus it took a while till we all have noticed this transformation. But how and when did it start? Let’s look at the whole story.
As you know, this Caribbean beauty was always famous for her feminine curves. But if you look at the pictures that were taken right at the beginning of her professional career (I cannot believe it was almost 10 years ago!), you will notice that back then she had a really slim waistline and hands. So basically, all of her weight was “on the right places” only. Now if you look at photos from, let’s say, 2011, you will notice that at that point it was no longer true: the singer was starting to develop quite a solid belly and her arms were getting a bit flabby. Rihanna weight gain that happened during the first five years of her career formed sort of a division among her fans.

Some of them continued to praise this singer and her bountiful booty, while the others suggested that she had gone too far.
And on which side do you think Rihanna’s daddy was? Apparently, he was more supportive of those who claimed that his daughter is getting too chubby! In one of his interviews the man revealed that the last time he saw his daughter, he thought she is a bit too heavy. Apparently he did not even bother to keep such thoughts to himself! The father has admitted telling his daughter “Rubby, you are getting fat” and called it a harmless joke. But I have some serious doubts about whether Rihanna found this funny, or did this actually hurt her.
I think the later is closer to the truth, as soon after these comments Rihanna committed to a strict diet and workout regime. The starlet revealed that the key rules she has followed during this period were all based on “fives”: she ate 5 times per day, exercised 5 times per week and only had 5 “cheat days” over five weeks. Although it required considerable efforts, the singer has managed to get rid of unnecessary pounds. By summer 2013 Rihanna weight gain was nothing but a vague memory.

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