Richard Dean Anderson weight gain

Richard Dean Anderson weight gain did not pass unnoticed. Both the actor and his fans are well aware that over the last few years he has gained some additional weight. Normally we would not pay too much attention to the fact that some guy got chubbier, but he is a celebrity so…  Let’s just be fair and admit that we all want to know what caused him to add pounds and how did the hot movie hero, who seemed to have a body of an athlete, turned into a man with a considerable paunch. So I carried a little research and here are the results: I present you with the reasons behind Richard Dean Anderson weight gain.

The first of them has to do with his retirement from the active career in Hollywood. Yes, it has not been so long since the last time Richard appeared on TV screens. For example, in 2010 this actor joined the crew filming Fairly Legal to appear in a reoccurring role of David Smith. However, the truth is that since the last series of Star Track had been filmed his working schedule has not been particularly intense. As the legendary television series were over, he no longer felt obliged to make sure his muscles stays on and indeed, he did not have any motivation to do that. As a man already in his sixties who spent most of his life working out just to fit the role, Richard felt he has deserved some time-out from the gym.

Plus, the actor knows that his family, friends and the greatest fans adore him no matter if he has a six pack or a paunch. Meanwhile the opinion of producers and random TV viewers is no longer that important to him.

Another reason behind Richard Dean Anderson weight gain is rather obvious (if you have given it some thought). As we have already mentioned, the man is already in his sixties and it is no secret that as we get older our metabolism slows down, leaving us in a rather difficult situation: if we want to keep the same weight, we have to change our habits and start exercising more, while eating less. Surly, neither cutting down on ones calorie intake nor getting some extra exercise sounds like a mission impossible per se. However, in Richards’ situation it might be. Whether you know it or not, the actor has undergone a several knee surgeries before. It all went pretty well and he can walk without much difficulty, but he cannot run as long as he used to. So now that you know the reasons behind Richard Dean Anderson weight gain I think you won’t judge him and admit that he still looks pretty good for a guy in his situation.

richard dean anderson weight gain richard dean anderson weight gain

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