Pauline Quirke weight gain

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Over the years, Pauline Quirke weight gain was in the centre of media attention more than once. The woman has unsuccessfully struggled with overweight for years, until she finally reached 280lbs. This would be A LOT for any ordinary lady, but for an actress such mass can become a real career killer. There is no doubt that her physique is the reason why she has heard the phrase “sorry, but we are looking for another type of person for this role” so many times in the past.
However, Pauline Quirke weight gain was not a major obstacle in her career. Her talent, skill and inborn charm have always helped her to get some roles. To the contrary, all of these qualities did nothing to counterweight the effects that obesity had on her health. Her inability to resist food has caused Pauline variety of personal problems. Back in the early 1990s she already had a disk removed, than in 1994, when she was pregnant with her son, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Finally, in 2009 the actress undergone a hips replacement surgery- Pauline Quirke weight gain has ruined her joints. Moreover, the doctors have warned her that unless she changes her lifestyle and loses some weight she will face a second surgery of the same kind.
And who is to blame for Pauline’s overweight? As the actress claims: nobody but herself.

She did not pile on pounds because she had some metabolic disorder, thyroid problem or any other medical condition that might be responsible for her increasing body mass. Pauline admits that the only reason she reached 280lbs was her greediness. She did not just eat to kill the hunger, she ate because she enjoyed the food and did this without measure. Plus, she barely ever exercised. Pauline was actually the kind of person who could say “if you ever see me running, call the police” and that would not be a joke, but a rational instruction.
Her eating habits changed when the actress realized that this is no longer a joke and unless she does something about her lifestyle, she will end up in a wheelchair or won’t even live to see her children fully grown. Following this realization she signed an agreement with a company that offers low-calorie meal plans (Lighter Life) and lost 8 stones. Her transformation was really inspiring and for some time it seemed like the actress has finally won her battle. However, it was not long until the headlines started speaking about Pauline Quirke weight gain once again. Two of the stones she has previously lost are already back, and this process might continue. It is hard to keep a stable weight after you have been starving yourself with 800 calories per day…

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pauline quirke weight gain pauline quirke weight gain

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