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Our sharp-eyed readers have noticed Nina Dobrev weight gain. In fact, it does look like the young actress has recently piled on a few pounds. I must say that this came as a shock to me. Surely, girls like you and me go a size up and then down quite often. But it is not common among the starlets like Nina herself. The star of Vampire Diaries is an idol for millions of teenagers and we all know that nothing goes through their eyes unnoticed. Knowing this, Dobrev has always been very careful not to go out of shape.
In fact, I have just read an article that made it look like Nina Dobrev weight gain is almost impossible. In an interview for some magazine the starlet claimed that she loves to do yoga and exercise just as much as she loves “yummy things”. Sure… Who wouldn’t agree that watching television series and eating cupcakes (or whatever you like) is just as fun as sweating on a treadmill. Yes, this is sarcasm. Actually, when I read this, I did not believe her for even one second. But I did believe that Nina has enough willpower to act as if she actually enjoyed exercising and practicing yoga more than anything. To put it another way, I did not doubt that she rarely cheats on her diet or ignores a work-out schedule designed by some professional trainer, just so she would maintain the status of diva.

However, the recent pictures of the actress wearing a bikini do indicate Nina Dobrev weight gain. This leads me to believe that recently she has not been exercising as often as usually and indulged into some guilty pleasures with chocolate. And what could have caused these changes in her lifestyle? I think it was the break up with another Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder. As you know, people react to break-ups in different ways. For example, Nina’s best friend, Julianne Hough has lost some 20lbs after she and her now ex-boyfriend decided to go separate ways. It looks like the heartbreak has had a different effect on Dobrev’s body. I assume that after the break-up this starlet has looked for comfort in the fridge…
I cannot say that I don’t understand this kind of behavior. Loosing such a man like Ian must be tuff and in a situation like this it is hard to resist delicious meals. Consciously or not, after a painful break-up we start looking for ways to make us feel better. And some find comfort in sports, the others in things that are not so figure-friendly. In the end, whatever the reasons behind Nina Dobrev weight gain would be, I must say that she still looks gorgeous. And I believe that those few unnecessary pounds will melt away as soon as she finds somebody else to love.

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