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So today we are going to talk about Natasha Henstridge weight gain. I have to admit that I did not know this actress and model in the mid 1990s, when she ascended to stardom. But those who did thought that her perfect body was a genetic Gift. I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that back in the day her figure seemed just perfect: slim, toned and yet feminine. However, during the following years this star kept piling on pounds until Natasha Henstridge weight gain became impossible not to notice. Not so long ago the woman has started publicly speaking about the problems that caused her transformation and the methods that kept her skinny while she was pursuing career as a mode. I have to admit that her words have shocked me. I believe her story is really worth hearing, thus I decided to share it with you.
So let’s start right from the beginning. As we have already mentioned, back in her modeling days Natasha was perfectly skinny. This is a rather obvious thing to say, having in mind that fin frame is actually one of the main conditions if you are dreaming of ever seeing your photos on magazine covers. But was it actually genes Henstridge has inherited from her parents, fast metabolism, that helped her to remain fin during the 1990s? The actress and model cannot hold the laughter when she hears such questions.

The truth is, her metabolism is pretty slow and in order to fit the beauty standards that are applied in fashion business she had to resort to some drastic methods. First of all, Natasha was working out like crazy. Of course, working out could be considered a tiring weight loss method, not “drastic”, but wait until you here a full story…
Natasha Henstridge weight gain would have ruined her career (or at least that is what she believed), thus in order to be able to work in the gym longer then she would normally be able to, the model started using various pills and other “food supplements”. By “food supplements” I mean some Chinese herbs that she used to buy illegally, not even knowing how it works. The pills she used in the past are now taken out of the market too, as somebody finally realized how dangerous their negative effects are. It is the use of these pills and “food supplements”, coupled with exhausting diets, that should be blamed for Natasha Henstridge weight gain in the 2000s. According to the woman, they have completely ruined her metabolic system. Now that Natasha has stopped taking pills and herbs she has to work out almost every day in order to keep her weight at normal levels.

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natasha henstridge weight gain natasha henstridge weight gain

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