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Due to the recent Namitha weight gain, the name of this starlet is in the newsfeed once again. Seriously, sometimes I think that if it was not for her constant weight fluctuations, most people would have already forgotten who she is. In case you did, here is something that should refresh your memory. In India, her homeland, Namitha gained prominence in the late 1990s, after she was crowned Miss Surat. Although she was not successful at beauty pageants on national level, the young beauty has won the hearts of the audience. This led to her building a pretty successful career as add model and actress.
Unfortunately for her, fame, popularity and money were not the only things that came along with her victory in beauty pageant. Kidnapping people and later blackmailing their relatives for money is quite a popular “business” in India. After becoming famous and quite rich, Namitha became a target of criminals too. The attempt to kidnap this starlet caused a huge scandal in her home country and cost her a lot of nerves. However, things ended pretty well and nobody was hurt.
Now let’s cut to the chase and start talking about Namitha weight gain. So how many kilograms has she piled on? According to the starlet, only free, totaling at 68kg… Yep, this does not sound like a good material to make a scandal, but for tabloids this was more than enough.

Apparently, the paparazzi did not even try to be polite and asked the actress and model about her recent “transformation” right to her face. This is how we came to know the exact numbers. And what “radical changes” in her lifestyle have led to the “dramatic” Namitha weight gain? There were none of them. Just like any normal human being Namitha has times in her life when she just don’t want to exercise and feels like she could use a delicious treat.
To tell you the truth, I find it pretty difficult to understand why somebody would be surprised to hear that this Indian star has piled on a few additional kilograms. She was not particularly skinny when she started her career, so there is no reason to think that she would stay away from food and exercise like crazy right now. I am not saying that it would be ridiculous to expect that she will be trying to maintain a certain level of control over her weight. I bet that like every (ok, almost every) women in the world she tries to put some limit on her daily calorie intake. But Namitha weight gain has never stood as an obstacle in her personal or professional life in the past and I think she know that it won’t become a major problem in the future. So why would she panic over a few additional kilograms?

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namitha weight gain namitha weight gain

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