Miley Cyrus weight gain

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So unless you have spent the last couple of years hiding in some god’s forgotten place without internet and any other means of communication with the outer world, I bet that Miley Cyrus weight gain did not slip through your eyes. It is not that her transformation has been so dramatic: as far as I can say, the starlet gained only a several pounds. It is just that everything related to this extravagant and scandalous singer gets blown out of proportion. So if she changes her hairstyle, for a couple of weeks tabloids look like nothing else that would be worth our attention is happening and if she gains a few pounds everyone notice this so fast that I think even Miley herself gets to find out the news form the media.

We could keep talking and smearing at those who seem preoccupied with celebrities’ looks, but the truth is… We are just a curious about Miley Cyrus weight gain as everyone else. Thus we have carried a little research to find out what the possible reasons behind her recent transformation might be and I must say that we have found out some pretty juicy facts. In order for you to get a full picture and understand the reasons that led to Miley Cyrus weight gain, you have to learn what caused her to lose weight on the first place.

So informers who have access to the inner cycles of Miley’s friends and colleagues have claimed that the starlet started losing weight in order to look good for her now ex-boyfriend, Liam.

Apparently the couple had been going through a rough path for quite a while and things got even worse as Miley’s charming boyfriend started working with Jennifer Lawrence. As the sources report, the singer was feeling madly jealous and we cannot blame her: it is hard to feel completely secure when your guy spends most of the day working with one of the most beautiful and attractive actress in the world.

Trying to make sure that nobody looks better than she does, Cyrus started following a strict workout routine and went on a diet: she started practicing Pilates almost every day, removed gluten from her diet completely and cut back on carbs. Talking about gluten, the starlet claimed that she has developed an allergy for it. Although this is not theoretically impossible, some people suggested that the Miley is simply not willing to admit just how much she was actually willing to sacrifice in order to win (re-win?) the heart of Liam. Now what is the reason behind Miley Cyrus weight gain? As her rocky relationship ended, the singer did not see any point in following the same exhausting rules… She still exercises and watches her calorie intake, but that special motivation is no longer here and it shows on her looks.

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