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So in this article we are going to talk about Megan Fox weight gain. It is true that one thing about this actress has never changed: she has always been absolutely stunning and drove men crazy. However, it is no secret that over the last five years there has been some serious fluctuations in Megan’s weight. The starlet came from being extremely skinny to rather chubby, then back to skinny and curvy again… So what’s going on? Has Megan entered some sort of yo-yo dieting cycle? This would not be particularly surprising, as inability to maintain a stable weight after extreme dieting is a common problem in the world of entertainment. Or maybe she has some sort of eating disorder? We cannot give you an answer to the later of these questions, as divas like Megan are rarely willing to talk about the difficulties behind their perfect bodies, but there are more plausible explanations to Megan Fox weight gain and weight loss.
It is no secret that at least over the last 3 years the main reason behind Megan’s weight fluctuations was pregnancy. Her fans know that the model and actress is married to 12 years her senior, Brian Austin Green. The two met a decade ago, when Megan was only 18 years old and started dating right away. As the starlet has revealed in one of her interviews, she has never like young men in their twenties as they were immature and had nothing to offer in a conventional sense.

Instead, she has always adored the men like Brian, who are already in their thirties, professionally successful and ready to settle down. Hence, in 2006 the couple got engaged. This sounds pretty good, but things did not always go as smoothly as Megan and Brian might have wanted. In fact, at some point in the late 2000s the two have ended their engagement.
Eventually the couple of stars had made up and got married. Soon after, Megan Fox weight gain started to become obvious: as any normal women who want her child to be healthy, the actress started piling on pounds. I must say that although I knew what is going on, it was pretty strange to see Fox, who used to be almost freakishly skinny, getting chubbier every day… However, we did not get to enjoy this view too long, as the star regained her pre-pregnancy body almost immediately after giving birth. And how did she manage to do that? According to Megan, she did not engage into exercising, but made some serious sacrifices in her diet. Apparently, she had given up dairy and cut-down her calorie intake dramatically. As for the day, Megan Fox weight gain is obvious once again, as not so long ago this actress has given birth to her second child.

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