Mark Wahlberg weight gain

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I must tell you that Mark Wahlberg weight gain came as a real shock to me. After all, this guy has always been known for a great body and I know that many women have secretly hoped for a scene where he would have to take the shirt off. Of course, I did not expect the man to look like an athlete till his eighties. I do realize that the age makes it more difficult to stay in shape as the slowing metabolism does its thing, and lowering energy levels make it more difficult to melt the calories in the gym. But this actor is not that old yet, thus I never believed that Mark Wahlberg weight gain could be explained by his age. Thus I did a little research to find out the real reasons behind his recent transformation.
And what did I find? Well apparently, nothing big happened! It is just that after filming the last movie Wahlberg felt like he has really deserved some time off both the set and the gym. I cannot judge him… In all of our lives there comes a time when we feel like we have been doing what was necessary for too long and now it is time to do what we actually want. So if what Mark wanted at the time was to stay at home and order a pizza, instead of hitting the gym or going for a jog, he had every right to do that.

By the way, the last transformation we have witnessed was not the first time that Mark Wahlberg weight gain hit the news. For example, his actor has packed on a massive amount of pounds for the movie Pain and Gain and it was all muscle! I bet you would agree that a transformation like this requires a great determination. And speaking more generally, I think determination is one of the strongest features of Wahlberg. Not only can he change his physique if the role requires it. Once in his life he has managed to shift his path 180 degrees. Whether you know it or not, but there was a time when Mark served in prison for attempted murder. And although it was far from easy, he did manage to leave this criminal period behind him and become a better man.
But let us get back to our main topic and tell you a little info about Mark Wahlberg weight gain for Pain and Gain. While training to build the mass, he was training in the gym five days per week, for a couple of hours starting 5a.m. In one of his latest interviews Mark noted that there wasn’t even one workout machine that he hadn’t used during that time!

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mark wahlberg weight gain mark wahlberg weight gain

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