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Back in 2011 there was a huge buzz around Mariah Carey weight gain and I think we all remember why: that year the singer gave birth to twins. By the way, a boy and a girl arrived just in time: on the day when Maria and her husband Nick Cannon were celebrating their third wedding anniversary! During the pregnancy the singer, already in her 40, piled on over 70 lbs. And this is not some kind of gossip- that’s what the starlet said! Although while judging Mariah Carey weight gain we must keep in mind that she was carrying twins, many people think that she went a little bit too far. They point out that doctors do not recommend piling on so many pounds, even if the lady is expecting two babies. Still, the others think that that Carey’s body weight is nobody’s business and add that she is free to do whatever she wants: after all, it is her body and her children.
What interests me more than the public opinion is how did the singer feel about her own transformation? Before starting my little research I assumed a the woman who is used to having a great body (although she was never particularly skinny) and who partially relies on her attractiveness for the success in the professional career could really stress out about getting this big.

Apparently I was right to think that Mariah Carrey weight gain would bother her, but I wasn’t that accurate in guessing the reasons. The woman was more worried about how she looks for her husband and herself, as well as her health, than about the possible effects on her career. Mariah admitted that there were some times when she did not even believe that there will come a day when she can were a bikini or run long distance ever again.
Fortunately for the singer, the future proved to be much better than expected. She has lost over 70 pounds in only six months after giving birth. And even though that more than half of this weight disappeared due to water loss (she had a really difficult pregnancy), we must say that this is pretty impressive. It took a bit more time until the singer of such hits as “Without You”, “Hero” and “All I want for Christmas Is You” has regained her pre-pregnancy body to the full extent. She was not actively working out for quite a long time, so there is no wonder that her body did not become muscular and toned right after she returned from the hospital. I think what is the most important thing now is that Mariah Carrey weight gain is already a memory and she is feeling better than ever before!

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