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Recently there have been some talks about Lucy Hale weight gain. At first I found it hard to believe, as for me this starlet still looks skinny. However, as I dug up for her older photos, I have noticed that there actually is a difference. Thus I set out to find out what the actual Lucy Hale weight gain is and what might be the reasons behind her transformation over the last couple of years.
Those of you, who remember this starlet form the 2003, as she gained prominence appearing on American Junior, know that she was never overweight. In fact, the teenager was extremely skinny! Now if you look at the pictures that were taken just recently or a year ago, you will notice that Lucy has actually become curvier. Of course, we must keep in mind that a lot of years have passed since this talented beauty has ascended to stardom. Today Hale is already well into her twenties. She is a grown up woman now, thus it is completely normal that her body type changed from boyish to feminine. If you asked my opinion, she actually is way more attractive the way she looks now, than she did a several years ago. I made this judgment looking from the purely esthetic point of view, but I believe there are much more reasons to claim that Lucy Hale weight gain is actually a positive thing.

As we have just stated (and I think you would agree with this), in her early teens Lucy was extremely fin. Furthermore, she was not that scary-skinny type of girl whose image just make you want to offer her your lunch and keeps you thinking that maybe it is time she visited a doctor. Hale’s body seemed fit and toned, just like the body of a normal teenager should be. And at least in front of the cameras, the starlet has always looked happy and enthusiastic. It was hard to believe that at the same time when she was smiling for the journalists, something in her life was going extremely wrong. However, in 2012 it became clear that Lucy actually has some serious troubles.
Apparently, feeling the constant pressure to look good in front of the cameras and to meet all the expectations (everyone kept talking, how she is bound to build an amazing career), the young girl has lost self-confidence and developed an eating disorder. When the actress decided it is time to start talking about her problems, she revealed that she has actually starved herself and kept working out in the gym until she felt like almost fading. Having all of this in mind, I think we should celebrate Lucy Hale weight gain as a signed that she has managed to overcome her problems.

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