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So a couple of days I was riding a train and I’ve heard a couple of teenagers (I assume Gossip Girl fans) talking to each other: “Have you noticed Leighton Meester weight gain? I know, she is heavy! Maybe her character got pregnant, or something…” I’m telling you, I could not believe my ears. So I came home and checked the most recent photos of this starlet. And what did I found? Meester is as skinny as always! Well yes, she has relatively full hips, if you compare her to some high fashion model, but as far as I can tell her figure hasn’t changed so much since the day when she has first appeared on Gossip Girl as Queen B.
Ok, if you look really closely Leighton Meester weight gain is noticeable. Especially if you look at the photos that were taken in the beach, while the starlet was wearing only a bikini. But isn’t that just completely normal? I mean when the starlet came in to prominence with television series Gossip Girl she was only 20 years old. So yes, she was well past the years of puberty (in a conventional sense), but it is also no secret that at this age women still go through some serious changes.
To be completely fair I must also noticed that the actress has piled on a couple of pounds when she started dating Aaron Himestain again.

As you might know, the two have already been in a brief relationship in 2007, but things did not work out that time. I think it was exactly at the same time when the couple got back together in 2012 that the whole buzz around Leighton Meester weight gain started for the first time. But again, wasn’t it just completely normal? Most women add a few pounds when they are in a happy relationship. As for one reason, that is when they feel most comfortable and secure about their bodies, thus they do not try to stay fin as hard as usually. Plus, new couples often eat out or cook together and these romantic dinners usually consist of more meals than salad…
Of course, you could ask why she didn’t lose weight after the break up with Aaron. But that just wouldn’t be a fair question as the starlet entered a new happy relationship almost immediately after ending things with him. As you might know, currently Leighton is happily married to an Actor Adam Brody. The couple has exchanged the rings just a few months ago, so I am pretty sure they are more obsessed with each other then with exercising at the moment. And as for me, I would much rather see Leighton Meester weight gain while she is enjoying love, than her weight loss from drugs and depression.

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