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Leah Remini weight gain is a classic example of how even the famous women can lose control over their body shape and turn from hotties to fatties over a few months. Or at least that is how the media was trying to portray it. Ever since the actress has started gaining weight, most of the tabloid journalists and internet commentators have been taunting her almost without any cease. While these people were busy criticizing, some of her fans and celebrity friends have assumed an active position and tried to defend her. Before we make our own judgment and take a stand on the issue, let’s look back at the whole Leah Remini weight gain story and the small scale scandals that surrounded it.

When the actress starred in The King of Queens, we were all used to seeing her in a perfect shape. As most young women working in entertainment, Leah has always tried her best to keep the unnecessary pounds of: she was working out and rarely ever allowed herself to pick her beloved chocolate cupcake or a cup of ice-cream. One could say that her efforts have paid off: the actress fitted even the strictest beauty standards and was constantly praised for her looks, as well as talent.

However, in the mid 2000s everyone forgot her professional achievements and started talking about Leah Remini weight gain. All of the sudden the only thing that the media wanted to know was what in the world is happening to her body.

We did not have to wait for an answer for too long, as soon it became clear that the star is pregnant. The father of her child was actor and musician Angelo Pagan. Even though it was no longer a secret that Leah is carrying a baby, the gossips and taunting continued. Knowing this, one might ask: what happened to the world? since when we are criticizing and even making fun out of pregnant women, just because they are undergoing through some natural changes?  If this is exactly what you thinking, I can understand your discontent, but there is a couple more things you should know before making the final judgment.

During her pregnancy the starlet have piled on some 80 pounds, meanwhile the doctors suggest that even the ladies who have been underweight before getting pregnant should not gain more than 45 pounds. Gaining more pounds can lead to various blood pressure problems and increase the risk of complications during the delivery. So the extensive Leah Remini weight gain was dangerous for both her and her baby. Nevertheless, it would be naïve to assume that all the people who criticized the actress were simply concerned about her own good. Some of them did that out of pure hatred and jealousy. They are the ones who should feel ashamed.

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