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For a moment I thought that I will never hear about Kirstie Alley weight gain again. After losing a massive amount of pounds in the early 2010s, she seemed really determined not to let the needle of a scale to go up again. However, I guess it is just the thing about radical weight loss: most people do not manage to keep the pounds off and end up yo-yo dieting over and over again. But let’s look at Kirstie Alley weight gain and her ongoing struggle with food right from the beginning.
As you know, back in the day when this actress rose to prominence she was pretty slim. Ok, she was never Vogue fin, but she clearly did not seem to have any problems with obesity too. Apparently, this was not exactly true. In numerous interviews Kirstie has claimed that she was always inclined to overeating and had some serious difficulties staying away from the fridge even when she was not hungry at all. She just used food as an easily available source of entertainment, which seemed especially tempting when she was going through some ruff periods. Eventually her habit to snack led to drastic changes in her physique. At one point in time the actress was not just fat, she was ridiculously, circus-fat. Of course, at that time she was neither the only, nor the most obese woman in America.

But seeing a lady like this walking down the alley in Hollywood (without a camera and a typical tourist sunhat!) was a rare view.
Although overweight can and usually becomes a major obstacle in the career of female actress, this is not what happened to Kirstie. Of course, I do not doubt that her physique has stopped her from getting quite a few roles, but all in all it does not look like unnecessary pounds did much harm to her career. Quite to the contrary, some people believe that the endless struggle with obesity and yo-yo dieting was exactly what saved her from being completely forgotten. As for one reason, Kirstie Alley weight gain earned her the sympathies of people who are also dealing with this problem and as we all know, both in the United States and at some parts of Europe there is plenty of them. Second, Kirstie has managed to turn her personal struggle into a pretty good show material. As you know, for quite a long time she starred in television show Fat Actress that was based on her life story.
As for this day, Kirstie Alley weight gain is rather obvious once again. Luckily for her, not all the weight that she had managed to shed has returned. However, the actress did gain some 30 pounds and this might be only a beginning…

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