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According to her mother, the talks about Kesha weight gain has caused this singer more damage than anyone could have thought. The woman claims her daughter has barely escaped death and had to enter a rehab facility, because all the criticism concerning her looks has led her to severe bulimia and anorexia. Most of Kesha’s fans agree with her mother and are a now completely furious at everyone who has ever dared to make a negative comment about her physique. According to them, it was exactly the people who created the buzz around Kesha weight gain, the “body bullies” who almost pushed the singer over the edge.
However, the others believe that Kesha is the only one to blame for her problems and there is no point in trying to justify her by saying that she was “forced” to become anorexic and bulimic. These commentators, bloggers and journalists are convinced that by putting the blame on others we are just encouraging such things as self-starvation, because teenagers get an impression that such behavior could help them win some attention and compassion. I am not going to take a side in this conflict. What I am going to do is provide you with a brief story about Kesha weight gain and show you how things look from the perspective of her mother, the person that has been extremely close to her.

So I think you all remember the scandal that broke out in 2011, when the pictures of Kesha in a beach wearing a black bikini were published. Te last thing I want is to be considered one of a “body bullies”, but it would be untrue if I claimed that back when these pictures were taken she was in a good shape. For me it was obvious that the singer has piled on quite a few pounds and lost her muscle tone. I am not the only one who thinks so and there is no surprise that following this Kesha received quite a lot of criticism. Apparently (at least according to Pebe), some people went much further than noticing that she got quite chubby. Her producer has actually told the singer that after gaining all the weight she looks like a refrigerator.
As her mother claims, it was this comment coupled with the criticism from David Sonnenberg that made her daughter lose the self-esteem. If Kesha’s friends and relatives are not lying (and honestly, I don’t see why would they), Kesha weight gain was not a problem in itself. It was the instructions from her manager and producer that pushed her to the point where she had to enter the rehab. For example, her producer was recited saying that she must lose weight by any means: whether it was using drugs, putting a finger down her mouth or starving.

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