Kelly Lebrock weight gain

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Kelly Lebrock weight gain is actually one of those shocking things that none of us saw coming. One day she was a fashion diva and a sex symbol and then the next thing we sow is an overweight, sad lady posing in a dress that is way too tight for her and thus make her look even more miserable. However, if you knew her whole story of her life, you would not be surprised that she did not manage to maintain her curvy, yet fit and toned body. Although form the first sight it might look like this woman had it all and destroyed her happiness (as well as beauty) with her own hands, this is pretty far from truth. And what is the truth? Lebrock had more personal dramas then most of us could take and it left her completely unmotivated to take care of her looks. But let’s look at the whole story right from the beginning and then you can decided whether Kelly Lebrock weight gain can be justified by external circumstances or not.
Kelly has started modeling when she was only 15 years old. According to her, it all started rather accidentally. One night she was having fun at some party, when the much older man came to her and complemented her looks. Lebrock did not go into detail and thus we have no idea how that night ended. But one thing led to another and before the teenager realized what is going on, she was on the cover of most popular magazines, such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

You might think that she was a one lucky girl to become famous like that, but I could not agree. Back then Kelly was just a kid in a city too big for her, surrounded by people who admire her for her looks, but do not give a damns about her personal happiness or future.
While she was pursuing career in the world of fashion and movie industry, there wasn’t even a talk about Kelly Lebrock weight gain. If she had piled on some pounds and lost her sexy curves, her career would have been ruined immediately. It all changed when Kelly met Steven Seagal, got married and moved in with him. When the young women found out she is pregnant, the only thing she cared about was the healthy development of a baby thus she stopped following a strict diet. During her marriage with Steven Seagal Kelly has given birth to three kids and each pregnancy has left a mark on her body. However, the main reason behind Kelly Lebrock weight gain is the painful divorce that was completed in 1996. Following it, a heartbroken woman has completely lost her self-esteem, motivation and chose to hide from people in a ranch in Santa Barbara.

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