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Not so long ago Kelly Brook weight gain was way more interesting to paparazzi and media reporters, than her modeling career, work on television or even personal relationships. The whole craziness about her transformation started in early 2013, when tabloids printed the photos of this starlet resting in the beach in Miami. We have to admit that in these photos the model did not look her best: her hair asked for the shampoo and her solid belly was in a full display. However, in my opinion the whole scandal around Kelly Brooks weight gain has blown thing out of proportion.

First of all, in order to understand why she has lost her shape we have to talk about her personal relationships. Around that time Kelly had broken up with her boyfriend Thom Evans, and was going through the period of morning. And if you are a woman who has been through painful break up, you must know what kind of effect it usually has on a waistline. As we are trying to cope with the loss, we start seeking for chocolate, ice-cream and all sorts of other snacks as a readily available source of entertainment. However, this kind of comfort comes with a considerable price: when the “sweatpants period” is finally over and we feel ready to have some fun at the beach (club, or whatever you prefer), we realize that besides the wounded heart the departure has left us with a solid jelly-belly.

This is exactly what happened after Kelly’s divorce with her beloved boyfriend too: the model started comfort-snacking and lost control over her calorie intake.

There is yet another, slightly different reason behind Kelly Brook weight gain. Thom was a real fitness fanatic and has always encouraged his girlfriend to take his healthy lifestyle as an example. For a long time the two have exercised, prepared and ate their healthy meals together. After the break up, Brooks did not want anything to remind the not-so-happy ending, thus she stayed away from the healthy food restaurants where they used to eat together. According to some of her friends, pretty much the same applied for the gym. And even if it did not recall any sad memories, who wants to stay on a treadmill for two hours right after the break up?

So I guess we could all agree that Kelly Brooks weight gain following her break-up with Thom Evans was completely understandable. However, quite a lot of time has passed since they have been together and at least in her most recent pictures the model looks just as chubby as she was in early 2013. Maybe Kelly has simply made a peace with her new body and learned to love her new looks?

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