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So as you know, Keeley Shaye is an American television co-host, correspondent, journalist and book author. Over the years she has managed to build a pretty successful career on television and gained a considerable fan-base. Of course, when we say “Keeley’s fanbase” we do not mean it in the same sense as if we were talking about some rock star. There are plenty of people who watch certain TV programs not because of their content, because of Shaya’s personal charm. However, there are usually no paparazzi crowding outside her office and I doubt that there would be such a huge buzz around Keeley Shaye weight gain if she wasn’t a wife of a real Hollywood legend.

So who is Keeley’s husband? He is the famous actor who has once driven the ladies crazy as James Bond- Pierce Brosnan. I think it is safe to say that he is the real star in the family and he is the reason why Keeley has been in the center of media attention since the 1990s. Ever since the couple started dating, the paparazzi and their cameras were following them day and night: whether they were walking the red carpet, going to the nearest shop to by some breakfast or trying to get a break from the spotlight in some exotic island. As the photographers documented their life together, they also captured Keeley Shaye weight gain.

The photos of Brosnan’s wife, often wearing nothing but a bikini, have been published in various magazines and tabloids more times than I could count.

But how and when Keeley Shaye weight gain started? It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when the journalist lost the shape of bikini model, as the change was pretty slow and gradual. What we can say for sure is that back when Pierce and Keeley first met the young woman looked better than most of fashion divas that I have ever seen. Her body was so fit, toned and muscular, one could have thought she spends most of the day working out in the gym and lives on some sort of vegetable/protein powder diet only. Then gradually her waistline started expanding and as for the day, we wouldn’t be true to you if we tried to deny the fact that the celebrity is overweight.

Despite that, Shaye seems to be feeling perfectly comfortable in her chubby body. Whether she is posing for cameras or having fun in the beach, she looks like she owns the place. Most people would agree that even though Keeley Shaye weight gain is undeniable, she still looks pretty fine. This is especially if you have in mind that the woman is already in her fifties and has given birth more than once.

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