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So today we are going to talk about Keanu Reeves weight gain. Although for many years critics did not take Keanu seriously, today his acting talent is widely admitted. And even though many bloggers and internet commentators have mocked the actor over his name, which means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian, I bet they are all jealous for this actor at least of one thing: his multicultural heritage has gifted him with great looks. I must admit that I have always considered Keanu the most attractive actor in Hollywood and to be honest- probably one of the most attractive men in the world.
And don’t think that I got fascinated with this actor after watching a movie trilogy Matrix, in which he played a major role. It was a pretty great movie, but I did not really buy all these long coats and sunglasses. And I think that Keanu looks way better with a messy hair and a three-day-beard, than he does with a perfectly neat hairdressing and clean shaved face. Just look at the photo’s where Reeves is singing with a band, isn’t he irresistible? Sorry, I think I’m getting a bit carried away here… So let’s get to our main topic and start talking about Keanu Reeves weight gain.
For quite a long period it was obvious that the actor is slowly gaining weight.

However, up to 2013 it all happened so slowly and fit him so well, that nobody even bothered talking about it. And what happened in this year? I cannot tell you exactly… Maybe the actor just let himself go with food, maybe he did not feel like exercising, or maybe it was alcohol. The fact is that by May 2013 Keanu Reeves weight gain was quite shocking. I think his transformation is the most evident in the photos that were taken during the Cannes that year. When I look at them, I still cannot believe that the flabby man with a solid paunch, double chin and what seems to be developing manboobs (!!!) is my beloved actor.
After these photos were printed in the tabloids and spread all over the internet Keanu received an incredible amount of negative attention. Some people thought he is miserable, the others found his looks outrageous (according to them, by letting himself go the actor showed disrespect for his fans…). As about me, I think that Keanu Reeves weight gaindid not deserve so much criticism. After all, we have to remember that the man as been through a lot (I mean, A LOT) in his life and he lived through all of these personal dramas with a brave face on, witout ever letting imself go for a minute. Maybe the man just needed some rest?

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