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The headlines screaming about Katy Perry weight gain came as a shock to most of her fans, including me. After all, this celebrity has always been known for taking a good care of her body. Yes, her impressive bust and full hips might have made her look a bit heavier than her boyishly skinny colleagues, but wasn’t it her curves that drove men all over the world crazy about this singer? Despite these feminine “features” Katy has always managed to maintain a waistline of a wasp and a good muscle tone. This is why I found the gossip about Katy Perry weight gain hardly credible and decided to do a little research by myself.

After carefully comparing her photos taken from different angles and in different times, I came to the conclusion that the singer has actually piled on a few pounds, but not any more than that. So the whole bubble about Katy “getting fat” and “slowly mutating into a whale” are clearly blown out of proportion. Despite the fact that her transformation was slight and relatively insignificant, I became curious to find out what might be the reasons behind her weight fluctuations. Here is what I have found out. First of all, it could be that just like most women in her twenties, Perry gains and looses a few some weight as she is going through her monthly period. Second, it could be true that she starts gaining weight when she is not touring.

I think this tendency does not require any further explanation, as we all find it difficult to stay on track while we are on holidays. Surely, Katy has plenty of work to do in between the tours, so the word “holidays” might be a little misleading. However, during those periods her working schedule is a little less intensive.

Katy Perry weight gain might also have to do with her bumpy relationship with another singer, Jon Mayer. When it comes to this couple, it seems like the lyrics from the verse of Katy’s hit, “You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no” describes they guy just perfectly. At the moments, it seems like they are perfectly happy together. For example, during the after party of Grammy Awards 2014 the couple acted all in love and John has sent his girlfriend sweet congratulations. However, those who have followed their relationship right from the beginning find it hard to believe that this period of tranquility and happiness is going to last for long. The couple has broken up more than once before. In fact, it was in winter 2013, right after their big fight, that Katy Perry weight gain was the most evident. So maybe the singer is coping with sadness by snacking?

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