Kathleen Turner weight gain

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Yes, Kathleen Turner weight gain is obvious for everyone who has seen any of her early movies. Moreover, this is clearly not the case where you could say that she just “got more feminine” or more “curvy”. Over the years the actress has become really heavy around the waist and gained that “apple” figure. Kathleen Turner weight gain is not the only thing that makes her look so different. As any person, the actress has aged and unfortunately we have to say that she has aged really badly. In fact, her face is barely recognizable from the old photos. Some people even went as far as to say that nowadays she looks like an elderly man with alcohol addiction and strangely- make up. Not everything in this kind of comments is completely untrue, but we will get to this a little bit later. Now let’s take a look at her personal dramas. This will help you to get a better understanding why Kathleen looks the way she does today.
As you know, there once was a time when Kathleen was widely considered one of the most attractive women in the world. She was in perfect shape and there was something more that turned men crazy about her. Maybe that was that mysterious and a bit suggestive look in her eyes, maybe it was her great hair or smile… Anyway, back in the day things were going great for Turner: both movie directors and ordinary men were lining up to get her.

However, at some point her personal life started heading the wrong direction and that is when Kathleen Turner weight gain process started.
First it was her divorce with Jay Weiss, an entrepreneur from New York with whom she had her only daughter. Then some years later there was a decease- rheumatoid, which caused her horrible pains. Both of these have added to a depression and in turn, these problems have led her to pile on a considerable amount of unnecessary pounds. You think it is strange for us to claim that depression, both physical and mental pain and weight fluctuations are related? Here is an explanation. First of all, people often use food as a means to cope with negative emotions or at least as a temporary distraction from depressing thoughts. Second, physical pain cause by rheumatoid has encouraged Turner to grab the bottle of alcohol and decreased her ability to exercise.
As for the day, Kathleen Turner weight gain has not gone anywhere. The actress is still struggling with unnecessary pounds. However, there are signs that she has managed to overcome her alcohol addiction. I think you would agree that winning this fight was way more important for her health than getting rid of excessive weight.

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