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Having in mind that she is the wife of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, I guess I should not be surprised that Kate Middleton weight gain has earned so much attention. Lately everything the royal couple does end up in the headlines, although events that bare social and political importance often don’t. Don’t take it as a complaint- I also belong to that curious crowd that wants to know every little detail about Kate. While we are being honest here, I must say that I’m also pretty curious about the personal lives of other celebrities too… So in addition to discussing Kate Middleton weight gain during pregnancy, in this article I will provide you with some info about the gains of other celebrity moms. This way you can decide whether Middleton’s transformation has really been dramatic or not.
So Kate Middleton weight gain during her pregnancy amounted to some 30 pounds. I guess nobody has dared to give such a personal question directly to the Duchess, but believe me, people who work in fashion industry can guess the weight pretty accurately just by looking at the photo. If I am right (and I am 99% sure I am), Middleton piled on exactly as many pounds as is usually recommended by doctors. According to them, the woman who was neither underweight nor overweight before getting pregnant should gain 25-35 pounds.

So even if I’m slightly mistaken and Kate has actually gained a little more or a bit less than 30 pounds, it is absolutely safe to conclude that she has followed all the recommendations.
Not all the famous moms are as good at controlling their pregnancy weights as was Kate. For example, while carrying her baby Kate Hudson has gained 70 pounds. She admitted that melting it down in only three and a half months (that’s how much time she had to get ready for her next role) was incredibly difficult. Another actress, Jessica Alba, was 55 pounds heavier when she stepped into the eight month of pregnancy. This is not the final number, because following this would-be mom decided it is better not to look at the scale… Apparently, her transformation was making her too depressed. Another big-time gainer is Milla Jovovich. Just like Kate Hudson, the legendary model gained 70 pounds and it took almost a year before she got rid of it.
So I guess we can conclude that in comparison to other famous cases, Kate Middleton weight gain was pretty moderate. By keeping her cravings under control Kate has actually done herself a huge favor: she did not have to follow any extreme diets or exercising regimes in order to regain her pre-pregnancy body after giving a birth.

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