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Kat Dennings weight gain and weight loss has always been sort of a mystery to her fans, as the starlet rarely talks about her body. I cannot say I don’t understand why. There are already major discussions about her looks boiling on the internet: some people claim that she looks best when she weighs 160 pounds, while the others prefer her skinny looks. And in a situation like this, I think there is just no comment to make that would not make one of the arguing sides furious or at least disappointed. If Kat stated that she feels most gorgeous when she bulks up, she would be accused of promoting obesity. Meanwhile if she said that her goal is to weigh 110 pounds and she actually is not satisfied with her body weighing 160, she would most certainly be accused of promoting “unrealistic body standards”, “unhealthy body image” and so on.
However… The fact that the actress does not like to speak about her body will not stop me from discussing Kat Dennings weight gain in detail. Yeah, somebody might call me superficial and shallow for doing this, but I know that if you are reading this text, you are just as curious as I am. So let’s cut to the chance and look at some facts concerning Kat Dennings weight gain.
Those of you who have kept an eye on this actress since the beginning of her career know that her weight has been fluctuating non-stop.

For example, back in 2010 Kat was pretty fin. Yes, she was not fashion-model type of fin- she had all the curves in the right places- but it was clear that she is following some sort of diet and working out. If you want to know what exactly I am talking about, look for a photo of Kat in Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2010. On that occasion she was wearing elegant strapless black dress, which highlighted her curves.
Following this the actress started piling on pound after pound. I think she reached her heaviest in 2012, weighing 160 at 5’4 tall. I am not the kind of person who would call a woman “fat” as soon as she can no longer fit into the size zero, but I must admit that back than Dennings was a bit more than “curvy” and “busty”. I just think that when you look at a lady walking on a red carpet and you cannot stop wondering whether the material of her dress is really strong enough to hold everything together, it is a clear sign that she has gone a little too far. You disagree with me? Well than you should be glad, because as for 2014 Kat Dennings weight gain is already just a memory: the actress is skinnier than ever.

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