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So lately everyone has been talking about Julianne Hough weight gain. It seems like over the last couple of years or so she has gained and later lost about 20 lbs. This is almost as much as some ladies pile on during their pregnancy. What makes this fact even stranger, is that Julianne is well known for taking a good care of her body (after all, she is not only a singer, but also a professional ballroom dancer who is used to intensive training schedule). As nobody seems to be able to tell for sure what the reasons behind Julianne Hough weight gain were, I decided to carry a little research by myself and here is what I have found.
Apparently, Julianne’s transformation began when she started dating another celebrity, Ryan Seacrest. This is not some sort of gossip you should question- this is what the starlet claimed during one of her interviews in 2012 According to her, her weight gain can be attributed to a couple of newly gained habits. First of all, after their relationship with Ryan got pretty serious, Julianne started cooking to her beloved one. I think you could guess how the story goes from here… When you are making somebody a rich and delicious dinner, it is almost impossible to resist a temptation to enjoy the results too. Can you imagine serving somebody stake and then sitting down to eat your broccoli salad? Well neither do I…
Another guilty pleasure that led to Julianne Hough weight gain is also related to Ryan Seacrest and their time together.

The starlet has mentioned that she and her boyfriend often spend time drinking a good wine. Now I’m not suggesting that the happy couple used to get wasted during the dates, but still… As you might already know, wine (especially red wine) is full of calories. Plus, it reduces our ability to control our impulses and craving, including those for food. If Julianne and Ryan used to spend evening drinking wine, it seems logical to assume that they also used to have some snacks next to it, such white cheese. And as all the tastiest foods in the world, most kinds of cheeses are extremely calorie rich.
I am pretty sure that there has actually been one more reason behind the increase in Julianne’s weight: she got a little too comfortable in her new relationship. As you might know, when everything between the couple starts going perfectly, most ladies stop taking such a precise care of their bodies… I know this doesn’t sound right, I know that is not how it is supposed to be, but that’s how it is. Here is one more fact that supports my claim that Julianne Hough weight gain was mostly related to Ryan: she has lost weight right after breaking up with him!

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