Jessica Lowndes weight gain

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So today we are going to talk about Jessica Lowndes weight gain. It would make sense to assume that if you found this article worth reading you already know quite few facts about this gorgeous starlet. But if, by any chance, you landed on this webpage not having any clear idea about what are you going to find, here is something that might revive your memory (or just fill the gaps of information).

Jessica is best known for her role in legendary television series 202190. In this show she played a teenage drug addict who also appears to be pregnant, so it is not surprising at all that around the period her character got a baby bump there were some speculations about the actual Jessica Lowndes weight gain. However, it soon became clear that even if there were some changes in her figure they were really insignificant and purely due to her job. By the way, did you know that in her real life Jessica is nothing like her character? In fact, she is pretty calm, prefers to spend her leisure time indoors playing piano (yes, acting is not her only talent) and leads a healthy lifestyle!

But where were we? Oh yes, we were talking about Jessica Lowndes weight gain. I think the second massive tide of gossip and articles about her body lines started around 2010.

If you compare a couple of pictures, one taken in 2009 and the other snapped in 2011, you could actually see that during this period the actress might have piled on a couple of pounds. But if you claimed that this made her look fat, I would have to suggest that you see a psychologist. Now seriously, a person who thinks that the weight of Jessica, as it was in 2011 or as it is today, is above the limits can be suspected of having some eating disorders himself. In our opinion, despite the slight weight gain the actress looks as adorable as ever. She was included on Worlds Most Beautiful People of 2009 list and I am absolutely sure that if she was worth this status back then, she is still worth it today.

We cannot know what the future holds for Lowndes. Maybe like many young celebrities she will fall in love, create a family and get pregnant. If this happens her body will change inevitably. However, unless there are some extreme changes in her life, I don’t think that we are going to witness Jessica Lowndes weight gain in the foreseeable future. What makes me think so? She is just the kind of person who loves working out just as much as she loves cupcakes and takes pleasure in practicing yoga.

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jessica lowndes weight gain jessica lowndes weight gain

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