Jenniffer Anniston weight gain

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I think Jennifer is just the kind of actress that people will never get tired talking about. Whether it is about her professional ventures or personal relationships, we want to know it all. Recently everyone has been writing and talking about Jenniffer Anniston weight gain, and I want to make my contribution to this discussion. So in this article I am going to unfold the real reasons behind her recent transformation and suggest an explanation how did this actress manage to keep the weight off over decades of her career.
Those of you who remember this actress in the early 1990s when she rose to stardom with legendary television series Friends know that back then there could not have been even a thought about Jennifer Anniston weight gain. To tell you the truth, I was always jealous of her figure. She was always so fit and toned and yet so feminine and curvy… Surely, in order to have this kind of body it is not enough to inherit good genes. You also have to follow a strict workout routine, to watch your calorie intake, avoid junk food and so on. However, there is no doubt that great genetic fund has a lot to do with it too. There are plenty of women who actually have to make a choice, whether they want to be feminine or fit and toned, as they curves disappear as soon as they start working out.

However, it is not the case with Jennifer: her Greek ancestors have equipped her really well.
As you might know, there are plenty of actresses who work hard to stay in shape in their twenties and early thirties, but then sort of lets themselves go and barely ever returns to the gym. However, the actress that we are talking about is not that kind of person. She has continued to lead a healthy lifestyle well into her 40s and Jenniffer Aniston weight gain did not become noticeable right until recently. I think that this has a lot to do with her personal story. Many women starts gaining weight once they enter a happy, stable relationship and raise kids. Meanwhile Aniston has no children and her love life has been quite difficult, to say the least.
As you know, this gorgeous lady was once married to sex symbol Brad Pit. However, while filming one of his movies (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, to be particular), her beloved husband has fallen for the charms of another Hollywood beauty, Angeline Jolie. It took a while until Jennifer has recovered from this trauma and found a new strong love. Not surprisingly, now that she is finally in a happy relationship Jenniffer Anniston weight gain is becoming obvious. Apparently Justin Theroux is a great cook!

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