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It is amazing how long the tabloids have been discussing Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain. You might think that it is enough to lay down the facts once and get over the topic. But no… Not when it is a famous Hollywood actress and singer who fell out of shape. Having this said, you might be wondering why in the world I decided to write one more article on this same topic. Well that’s because most the articles that have been written previously were full of fake “facts” and nobody paid enough attention on how did Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain made her feel.
So I guess many of you think that the only reason behind Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain was pregnancy. And yes, that is exactly what killed her figure in 2013. However, you might have forgotten that the actress has started piling on pounds years before that. For example, in 2007 there was a mini scandal, as the photos of the starlet having fun in a bathing suit on the Hawaiian beach reached the media. As a matter of fact, when we were talking about jelly-belly and cellulite, we were referring to these photos exactly. If you have seen them, you know pretty well that even back than Jennifer was pretty far from skinny. As always, the upper part of her body seemed pretty slim, but… Well, let’s just say that stuff expanded drastically going down from her waistline.

As could be expected, these pictures caused a real wave of criticism directed towards Jenniffer. However, not everybody was so critical. I hardly doubt that the actress has lost much weight from 2007 to 2011, and still, when she demonstrated the same curves in an elegant red dress at Horrible Bosses premiere, a considerable part of journalists, bloggers and internet commentators just could not stop praising her looks!
As we have already mentioned, Hewitt became even heavier in 2013, when she became pregnant. Tanks God, people still realize that the pregnant women are supposed to pile on some pounds, thus while she was carrying a baby barely anybody has dared to criticize her. However, as soon as people noticed that the actress is having difficulties trying to get rid of pregnancy weight following delivery, the wave of criticism concerning Jenniffer Love Hewitt weight gain began to rise once again. The actress has admitted that all the negative comments have made her feel pretty miserable. She felt it is unfair that people expect her to work out five times per week, when she barely has time for sleep. I am glad that today, when Hewitt has almost regained her pre-pregnancy body, all of her critics have finally shut up. How much longer can this actress read the rubbish about her?

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