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Jennifer Lawrence weight gain is always a popular topic, even though her weight fluctuations are barely noticeable. I think the time when this gorgeous actress gained the most significant amount of weight was when she was preparing for a role in Silver Lining. If you look at the pictures that were taken on the set of this movie and compare it to the earlier ones, you will notice that while filming Silver Lining she was a little curvier than usually. According to Jenifer, she was asked to pile on some weight to suit this role and agreed to do it without even thinking. To be more particular, when asked whether she would agree to slightly increase her body mass to fit the role the actress answered: “Hell yeah!”.
From the first glance this seems like a rather natural response. I wouldn’t cry if somebody gave me a permission to eat more too. However, I doubt that most actresses would have seen this situation the way Lawrence did. After all, losing weight after the role requires quite a lot of effort. Plus, if you do it too fast you can ruin your metabolic system and have to struggle with unnecessary pounds for the rest of your life. But again, I think in this case the risk was quite low, as Jennifer Lawrence weight gain for the role was barely noticeable. I mean, yes, if you looked real close you could see that her body looks a bit differently going from one movie to another, but these changes are not actually worth a scandal.

So why there are so many headlines just screaming about Jennifer Lawrence weight gain?
One of the potential answers to this question can be found her interviews. While talking to the journalist the actress suggested that no matter whether she is piling on pounds for some role or is at her slimmest, Hollywood considers her overweight. Lawrence believes that her normal body just does not look normal at all, when compared to extremely lean and fin figures of other actresses. I would agree that in many cases Hollywood promotes unhealthy standards and idealize extremely skinny ladies as if looking like a skeleton was the only way to be considered beautiful.
However, I think that in this case Jennifer sounds a little bit paranoid. Yes, there were some talks following Jennifer Lawrence weight gain. But honestly, I sow very few negative comments considering her looks. And I definitely did not hear any of her colleagues saying that the actress who was nominated for Oscar being only 20 years old looks fat. Quite to the contrary, all I have heard and read was compliments. So what reason does she have to say that she is considered overweight in Hollywood?

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