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So today we are going to talk about Jared Leto weight gain. I must admit that I was more shocked than anybody else when I saw his round-shaped face on Chapter 27. Moreover, I could not believe that this is not just a prosthetic make up. Which actor would actually prefer putting his health in danger and becoming actually obese, to having the make-up artists do the job? Apparently, Jared would. I cannot tell you exactly whether it was his idea or did the producers insist that the overweight of the main character is a real thing. But anyway, if he appreciated his health more than the chance to play in Chapter 27, he could have refused to take this role. Thus I think Jared Leto weight gain actually shows how dedicated he is to acting. But let’s not jump at the conclusions right away and take a better look at the whole story first.
The process of preparation for Chapter 27 was not the first time when Jared had to undergo a radical physical transformation in order to fit the role. Before that he has lost an incredible amount of weight in preparation for psychological drama film Requiem for a Dream, where he played a drug addict. Surely, losing weight was not particularly easy. In order to drop the pounds Jared used to spend hours running on a treadmill and later, when his body was already too exhausted from extreme dieting, just continued with the starvation.

However, Jared claims that even dropping half of his weight for the movie Requiem for a Dream was not as difficult as piling on 67 pounds to play the murderer of John Lennon. And what was that secret meal that led to the dramatic Jared Leto weight gain in a relatively short period? Apparently, the actor used to end each day having the weirdest “milkshake” ever, which consisted of melted ice-cream, soya sauce and olive oil. Can you imagine drinking something like this by free will? Well neither do I… That is why I said that Jared is pretty dedicated to his professional career.
In fact, it looks like in order to fit the role on Chapter 27 Jared actually had to give up more than he expected. The actor knew that if he decides to take part in this movie he will have to say “bye” to his six-pack and this did not bother him. However, he did not expect that a sudden dramatic transformation will cause him so many health problems. Apparently, John Leto weight gain and the following weight loss have given him gout. Even a year past filming, the actor claimed he does not feel as good as he did before this “experiment”. Let’s just hope that eventually he will recover!

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