Hilary Duff weight gain

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Today we are going to talk about Hilary Duff weight gain. Did you grow up watching the movies of this starlet and listening to her songs? If the answer is yes, I bet you already know a great deal not only about her professional, but also about her personal life. Here is some information for those who don’t. In 2007 Duffy started dating NHL player Mike Comrie. Although like any normal couple Hilary and Mick had their bad days and fought their fights, they both understood they do not want to ever be apart again and got engaged in 2010. A beautiful wedding ceremony followed soon after.
And what does this have to do with Hilary Duff weight gain? Maybe the singer and actress decided that since she has a beloved man by her side there is no need to waste energy trying to stay in shape and to look hot? Not quite… It’s just that after 5 years together Hilary and Mike decided that they are ready to be parents. In March 2012 the starlet gave birth to a beautiful boy, Luca Cruz Comrie (maybe one day you will hear this name while watching some NHL game).
So you already know the reason behind Hilary Duff weight gain. I guess you would agree that pregnancy is a pretty good “excuse” to pile on some additional weight. After all, even the doctors suggest that while carrying a baby an average woman should gain up to 35 pounds.

Although given her pregnancy Hillary’s transformation was completely natural and normal, there were some critics who thought otherwise (there always are…). I think that the wave of negative comments gained momentum in summer of 2012, when the photos of newly-baked mom wearing a bikini reached the tabloids. Although few women are able to get rid of their pregnancy weight in just three months after giving birth, the critics showed no mercy. Some of them went as far as to say that Hillary “looks gross” and looked down on her for “not even trying to slim down”.
The truth is that the starlet has actually worked pretty hard to get her pre-pregnancy body back. Of course, in some respects she could have done more. For example Duff has admitted that she had serious difficulties trying to limit her food intake and added that she has always been a horrible dieter. But as it comes to exercising, I think Hillary actually did her best to get in shape. She worked out several times a week, mixing pilates, cardio and even boxing. If you have seen her latest photos you must agree that all these efforts have brought great results: as for the day, Hilary Duff weight gain is already unnoticeable.

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hilary duff weight gain hilary duff weight gain

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