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So you are interested in Frankie Sandford weight gain? Well so am I… As far as I remember, back in the day when this singer raised to prominence she was just as fin and fit as possible, so what happened to her in 2013? Was it an attack of laziness? Did this girl finally found out about chocolate cupcakes? Not quite… Apparently, the starlet got pregnant! She gave birth to a son who is now being called Patrick Bridge on October of the same year, so now her husband Wayne Bridge, a famous footballer, is a happy father of a boy who is soon to turn one year old. Remember his name, because one day you might read it in sports section…
And did Frankie Sandford weight gain bother her? Not quite… But the singer did admit that while being a bit overweight she felt “awkward”. I bet she is not lying… It must be quote strange to look at the mirror and see a cubby lady staring back at you, when for many years the view in it just made you want to say “well hey there, beauty…”. Despite this “awkwardness”, Frankie never hid her pregnant-self in the room. Not only she continued to spend her leisure time outdoors, the way she is used to, she also continued to perform and do photo shoots! However, in her latest interviews the starlet revealed that the job did make her pregnancy less enjoyable.

It is difficult to be a queen of the stage and soon-to-be-mom both at the same time, I guess.
Frankie Sandford weight gain during her pregnancy was quite significant, but I think she did a great job trying to keep it under control. Some other singers, like Jessica Simpson, got way heavier while carrying their babies. Even the legendary model Mila Jovovich claimed to had gained 70lbs! Now as for Frankie, I highly doubt she has gained any more than 35lb. And although this is quite a lot, it falls in line with all the medical recommendations. Doctors usually suggest that women who did not have any problems with overweight before getting pregnant are supposed to keep their weight gain within the limits of 23-35 lbs. This is a way to minimize the risk of premature and/or complicated labor.
Plus, the singer showed an impressive determination while trying regain her pre-pregnancy figure. She entered a weight loss diet and workout regiment just a month after giving birth, while most of the other moms take months to get back to their normal lifestyle. I’m glad to tell you that Frankie’s efforts have paid off. As for the day, Frankie Sandford weight gain is already nothing more than a vague memory. In fact, she looks better than ever!

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