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I guess the “news” about Eva Longoria weight gain are no longer news in a strict sense. It has been a while since the actress lost her former figure and I must say this is quite understandable. After all, she is already 39 years old and it is difficult to maintain a perfectly fit and toned body at this point in life. As for one reason, when we turn thirty our metabolism slows down. Plus, at this age people do not have the same energy to exercise as they used to. I have just realized this might sound as if I was calling Eva fat and old… But this is definitely not what I am trying to say here! I am the first to admit that the actress is still attractive and rather skinny. And 39 years is certainly not a time to retire and start knitting socks for your grandchildren. What I am saying is just that since the beginning of her career the actress has piled on a few additional pounds.
Eva Longoria weight gain is particularly obvious when she is pictured in a bikini. For example, about a year ago some paparazzi have managed to make a whole series of photos, while the actress was relaxing in a beach in Rio de Janeiro. And what did we see in these picks? We sow a lady with a flabby belly. Surprisingly, the journalist who added a comment to these photos did not take time to mention it.

Instead, he praised the way Longoria looks and called a man who was giving her a rubdown “the luckiest masseur in the world”. It was nice of him (or her, I cannot remember right now) to concentrate on the positive things like the actress’ dark brown eyes or sexy hips. If this was an attempt to lower down the standards that are usually applied for women in Hollywood, I strongly encourage this.
I must admit it is not uncommon that tabloids go way too far and beyond, criticizing celebrities for the smallest weight gains and insignificant physical defects. However, I am not going to pretend I did not notice Eva Longoria weight gain. By the way, this is not the first time that the actress has piled on quite a few pounds. The last time that was on purpose: Eva let herself go because that’s what her character on Desperate Housewives was doing. She shed all of these additional pounds and much more following the bitter divorce with Tony Parker. The actress admitted that during that period she used to spend half of the day in the gym, because that was the only thing that helped her fights the depression. I definitely prefer witnessing Eva Longoria weight gain to reading such a sad confession once again. Do you?

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