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If you have been following the headlines, you must have noticed that there is sort of a buzz going on around Emma Watson weight gain. I must admit, at first I thought this is going to be one of these stories where the actress is photographed from a bad angle a couple of times and tabloids declare it the evidence that she has gained 20 pounds, just to withdraw (or contradict) their own words a couple of weeks later. However, after carefully looking through the pictures taken within a span of one year, I can conclude that Emma Watson weight gain is a real thing. Surely, 20 pounds are nowhere to be seen, but a slight transformation did happen. So let’s try to find out what caused the young idol to gain weight and what her fans’ reaction was.
I think Watson started piling on pounds right after the last scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was shot. Of course, theoretically this could be just a coincidence, but this does not seem likely. It is more plausible that after the filming were over, Emma decided she has deserved some quality rest. Needless to say, for most people “resting” does not include sweating in a gym and is hardly imaginable without treating oneself with some delicious meals. So yes, I think the fact that she finally got the chance to go on holiday could be perfectly enough to explain Watson’s weight gain.

If I had to spend half of my life filming for the same move series, you bet I would let myself go afterwards. Maybe not for too long, but just long enough to get the taste of normal (and by this I partially mean lazy) life once again.
However, there is yet another way to explain why Emma Watson weight gain started (or at least intensified) right after she stopped filming for Harry Potter. According to some sources, it was not that as soon as the cameras were out of her way, Emma jumped to the fridge and started eating like crazy. She just finally started following a healthy, normal diet. Meanwhile all the while on Harry Potter set, the young actress was almost starving herself. I have no proof that the source who told this story was reliable, thus you should not take it as a fact. However, it is something to think about… After all, Emma never denied that while working in Hollywood she felt the pressure to be skinny. Moreover, according to the starlet, the pressure mostly came from her female colleagues. All these speculations left aside, I must notice that most people see Emma Watson weight gain as a positive thing, and so do I.

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