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So today we are going to talk about Emile de Ravin weight gain. But before we get there, let me remind you a few things about this actress. A breakthrough in her professional career came up in 1999, when she was still a teenager. Following the first major role as The Demon Curupira on BeastMaster, Emile has appeared on variety of popular films and television series, including The Chameleon and Love and Other Troubles, Public Enemy, The Hills Have Eyes and Lost, where she played a beautiful young would-be mom (and then mom) Claire Littleton.
Now that you know a little about her professional achievements, we can start talking about Emilie de Ravin weight gain. The whole scandal has broken out just recently, when the actress was photographed having what appeared to be a solid baby-bump. At first I thought that this is just one of those times when an actress has a decent dinner and she is immediately announced to be pregnant, with no other grounds to support this claim. However, when I started thinking about it I came to the conclusion that the reason behind Emile de Ravin weight gain actually could be pregnancy. You should think about it too: the actress has been living with the same partner for many years now and it seems like their relationship could not be better. Plus, de Ravin is already in her thirties and although this is quite young age, most women who did not even want to have children before start considering having a baby at this point in life.

There is yet another reason to think that the actress is about to become a mom in real life. One source revealed that during the romantic dinner with her beloved one (yes, of course there is somebody to watch the celebrities even when they are trying to have some time alone, what did you expect?) Emile has raised a toast twice. And what was in her hand both of these times? Water! I know that de Ravin is not an abstinent, so it seems quite logical to assume that she decided to avoid alcohol due to her pregnancy.
Although there are some reasons to believe that the actress has finally decided it is time for a bigger family, I guess we will just have to wait to learn the truth. When the journalists tried to find out what hides behind the recent Emilie de Ravin weight gain, her representative responded by saying that she is not going to comment on her personal life. I must tell you that I will be a little disappointed if it appears that this whole story was fake, but I won’t not be particularly surprised. As I said, tabloids use every excuse to make a scandal, even when there are no real grounds for it!

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emile de ravin weight gain emile de ravin weight gain

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