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So in this article we are going to talk about Elizabeth Moss weight gain. As this actress has ascended to stardom relatively recently, I bet there are some of our readers who have opened this article not even knowing who the lady we are going to talk about actually is. So before we get to our main topic and start discussing Elizabeth Moss weight gain, let’s look at some details of her professional and personal life.
First of all, did you know that when Elizabeth started filming for Mad Man, arguably the most stylish American television series ever, she was only in her mid 20s? As about me, I must admit that I have deemed her to be at least in her 30s. I guess it’s just the makeup, hairdressing and clothes that her character Peggy Olsen used to wear in the show that made her look much older. So although Moss is pretty young, she already has plenty of experience in acting, dancing and entertaining in general. Maybe that is because she has grown up in an artistic family. Her mother (from Chicago) is a blues harmonica player, while her father is a manager who usually works with jazz musicians. One could say that Elizabeth’s brother has also chosen to dedicate his life to entertaining others. The actress has revealed that just like her, he works in a movie industry.

However, you should not expect to see him on screen any time soon: he works “on the other side of the camera”.
Growing in a family like this, Elizabeth was dancing and acting since she was six. In one of her interviews the actress has said: “I think I have done it all”. She has played in theatre, televisions series and television movies, did small parts in blockbusters and big parts in low budget films… And she is still very young! Now let’s cut to the chase and talk about Elizabeth Moss weight gain. As you know, the whole buzz started when her character on Mad Man, Peggy, started piling on pounds really rapidly. She looked so realistic that majority of the audience was convinced that in order to pull this off the actress had to go through a real physical transformation. The more realistic comments suggested that to create an impression of fatness the actress had to both gain some extra pounds and to wear a prosthetic make up.
However, soon it became clear that those who claimed that Elizabeth Moss weight gain is a real fact are wrong completely. Apparently, the actress remained as skinny as always, she was just wearing a “fat suit”. Actually, I feel glad she did not have to pile on pounds for real: this is the easiest way to ruin your metabolism.

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