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Today we are going to talk about Drea de Matteo weight gain. I think all of you have noticed that after the actress stopped filming for sopranos, she was absent from the screens for a while. And how did this gorgeous actress disappear from the legendary mafia show? Did she simply get fired? Not quite… As some of you might remember, Andrea, her character in the series, appeared to be a rat. At first she blabbed this to Chris-ta-fur, than this guy ratted her to Tony and… Well, it all ended with shots ranging all over the forest.
But the people who were working on the development of The Sopranos have left some intrigue: they never showed Adriana’s dead body, so the audience would not know whether she was killed or managed to survive. I have a feeling that this question has been on your mind for quite a while too, so before starting to talk about Drea de Matteo weight gain, let’s make it clear: Adriana did not survive the attack. Mafia does not make mistakes like this. However, the actress likes to joke that her character survived and with her bleeding wounds crawled all the long way to Warners, just to get killed for sure on “Joey”.
Now let’s cut to the chase and start talking about Drea de Matteo weight gain. The reason behind her transformation was perfectly natural: the actress got pregnant.

However, the sheer amount of pounds she has piled on while carrying her daughter was a bit disturbing. According to Drea, while pregnant she has gained 80 lbs, totaling at almost 200 pounds! This is more than twice as much as the doctors usually recommend. According to the medics, unless the woman has been underweight before, while carrying a baby she should try not to gain more than 35 pounds.
Fortunately, Matteo’s overweight did not cause any complications during the delivery. However, this is not to say that her excessive weight came with no cost at all. While carrying all the unnecessary pounds the actress used to get tired much quicker than she normally would. Plus, she received loads of critical comments. Unlike many actresses who like to pretend that criticism has no effect on them, Drea has admitted that these comment used to bring her down. I guess it is not hard to understand why. When after enjoying a nearly perfect body for most of your life you suddenly become not just heavy, but 200 lbs heavy, it is difficult to keep self-esteem high. But let’s not concentrate on the negative things. What matters is that eventually the actress has managed to get rid of nearly all (except 10 pounds) pregnancy weight. It won’t be long until Drea de Matteo weight gain is completely forgotten!

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drea de matteo weight gain drea de matteo weight gain

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