Debra Messing weight gain

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Debra Messing weight gain has been in the center of media attention for a decade now. During this time she has received way more criticism and sarcastic comments about her figure, than an average woman could take. When I think about that, I cannot help but wonder how in the world did she manage to keep a smile on her face for most of the time? Maybe what cheered her up was the support from faithful fans. While the tabloids were busy taunting Debra for the excess weight, there were plenty of internet commentators and bloggers who stood by her side and kept claiming Debra Messing weight gain does not make her any less attractive.
But how did it all started? How come the actress who used to be perfectly skinny ended up piling on so many pounds? Well in the beginning, when Debra Messing weight gain became noticeable, it seemed perfectly normal. After all, the actress was carrying a baby and an average woman is expected to gains 25-35 pounds during her pregnancy. And against to the popular belief part of this weight should come in the form of fat, as the would-be mom has to be prepared for labor and breastfeeding. However, Debra did not stop at 25 or 35 pounds and went much further. It seems like this actress has actually seen her pregnancy as an excuse to finally eat whatever she wants and just as much as she wants.

Although medical research suggests that overeating during pregnancy increases the risk of complications during the delivery, Messing’s baby was born strong and healthy. Unfortunately, we cannot say that her newly gained habit to snack did not have any negative effects on her own health. For a long time after giving birth the actress continued to carry some unnecessary pounds. And although she was not severely overweight, there is no doubt that this was not good for her heart and joints. As the time passed, Debra did manage to drop some of her baby weight, but she clearly did not regain her pre-pregnancy body.
Moreover, when I look at the pictures that were taken in the early 2010s, it seems like around this period the young mom started piling on pounds again. I must say that at this point in time Debra Messing weight gain was quite understandable. After all, about this time she started having some real difficulties in her family life. As you might know, in 2012 the actress has divorced with her husband of ten years and the father of her child. I bet that while going through all this personal drama she did not have much time to think about calories and exercising.

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debra messing weight gain debra messing weight gain

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