Claire Richards weight gain

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The tabloids have been talking about Claire Richards weight gain for countless time. It is no secret that this singer, the former lead vocalist of the band Steps, have struggled with weight and yo-yo dieted for most of her life. Her once self-diagnosed addiction to food has caused her plenty of problems in both personal and professional life. As for the day, it looks like the star has finally made peace with her body and regained self-confidence.  Claire Richards weight gain no longer bothers her. But let’s look back at her personal struggle that lasted for years and see how she found the peace of mind.

As we have already mentioned, inability to maintain a stable weight has bothered Claire for most of her life and cost her a lot of nerves. In one of the interviews the singer has claimed that it was the excessive weight that stopped her from pursuing a solo career in music, after she left the steps. Apparently, around that time she felt so depressed about putting on weight, she just could not step on stage or pursue any other big life goals. Overweight and resulting lack of self-confidence has continued to haunt Richards for years to come and by 2011 she has convinced herself that there is something wrong with her: either mentally or physically. Trying to get to the bottom of this battle, the singer decided to enter documentary TV series Slave to Food.

Due to this fact in her biography some people are convinced that it was exactly Claire Richards weight gain, not her talent for singing, that helped her to get back into the spotlight and eventually resulted in restoration of her singing career.

Although we have to admit that those people are partially right, this is not so important. What matters is that Claire has left the show finally feeling confident about her looks. This mental change did not happen because of physical transformation. Although Richards has lost some weight, she is still pretty chubby. The starlet wears size 16 and claims that today she is not any fatter than an average woman, as this is actually an average closing size in the United States. One could argue that referring to the average weight in a country where obesity (even among children!) is a major problem to justify her own overweight does not make a strong case… But oh well. Who are we to judge? As long as Claire Richards weight gain does not bother her, we are glad to see her happy and trying to regain control over her professional life. Talking about her professional ventures, did you know that in 2013 Richards has launched a line of closing that has been created for women from size 12 to 32?

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claire richards weight gain claire richards weight gain

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