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Christina Aguilera weight gain and her ever-changing figure in general have been a paparazzi and tabloid fodder for years. Even if I tried to, I could not count all the articles and interviews on these topics. So is it worth writing yet another article on this same issue? Is there really anything left to say? The answer to both of these questions is “yes”, because half of the texts about Christina Aguilera weight gain you could find online today are full of lies, fake facts and made-up quotes. Continue reading and you will find out what is true and what is false, concerning the singer’s weight fluctuations.

So here is one of my favorite lies on this topic. Christina has been recited as saying that her label has told her to lose weight. According to these sources, as soon as the singer gained a few additional pounds she was called to an emergency meeting, during which she was warned that the increase in her weight might have a negative effect on her fans. Now we are not saying that this has never happened. It is no secret that music producers usually try to make sure that their celebrity clients remain skinny and there is no reason to think that Aguilera’s producer constitutes an exception from this rule. What we are trying to tell you is that the singer has not recently spoken about such requirements and the “quotes” that appeared on some newspapers and online blogs were-made up.

Here is yet another, this time a bit older, story related to Christina Aguilera weight gain that was plucked out of fin air. Allegedly, the singer decided to gain some weight, get some tan, die her hair and get some piercings, because she was tired of her label trying to “sell” her as a perfect, white blue-eyed girl, when she is actually Ecuadorian. In other words, her whole transformation was just a form of protest. It was also reported that the singer was glad to see her producers get angry with her and added that “it was a hard pill for them to swallow”. The truth is, Aguilera was tired of blond hair and wanted to change her style for a while, but this had nothing to do with her wanting “to teach the lesson” to her producers.
So is everything conserving Christina Aguilera weight gain a lie? Of course not… Most importantly, it is true that the singer gained a lot of weight a while ago. By the way, it looks like her transformation has made some other celebrities pretty happy (look up for the comments made by Kelly Osborne). It is also true that in 2013 this singer has actually lost a massive amount of pounds.

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