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When in 2013 the movie American Hustle has reached the cinemas, everybody was just shocked to see Christian Bale weight gain. At first some people thought that this was all a prosthetic make up. As for one reason, everyone knows that today almost everything in the films can be faked so realistically, that the audience usually doesn’t even get a suspicion. Plus, it is no secret that by rapidly putting on an extensive amount of pounds a man can really mess up his metabolic system, thus it seemed logical to assume that the actor would want to avoid taking this risk. However, soon it became clear that Christian Bale weight gain was a real thing: in order to fit his role in American Hustle, the actor has piled on some 40lbs. And how did he do that? Well, that wasn’t particularly hard… Christian just spent a several months eating junk food, such as cheeseburgers, and stayed away from the treadmill. So yeah, in order to look like a stereotypical (I’m not saying typical) American you just have to start acting like one.
Now that I think about it, it was not realistic to expect that Bale would refuse to put on weight for the role and just rely on the make-up artists to do all the work. This actor is famous for his incredibly rapid physical transformations! To show you just how much this guy can do for the film, we must look at some of his previous roles.

In one of his earlier movies that you might have forgotten by now, Velvet Goldmine Christian plays a glam rock star and was skinny as hell. Than just a couple of years later Christina Bale weight gain shocked the audience, as he appeared in a legendary film American Psycho. In order to achieve a sculpture physique for this film, Bale has spent countless hours in the gym lifting weights.
The next shocking transformation came in the early 2000s, when Christian decided to take a role of insomniac Trevor Reznik in The Machinist. While preparing for this movie the actor has dropped 63 lbs! This is a greater transformation than most people undergo throughout their adult lives and I think it is safe to say that it came with a price. Bale has spent four months out of touch with his friends and avoiding any social contact whatsoever, surviving on water, coffee and apples. The actor has admitted that during this period he has felt completely exhausted. At first he used to run on a treadmill to make pounds melt faster, but after some tome on minimal diet he was too weak to exercise. So although I am not going to deny that Christian Bale weight gain and weight loss was impressive, I cannot help but worry about his health!

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