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So in this article we are going to do a little gossiping about Channing Tatum weight gain. Some of you might know that before hitting it off as an actor, Tatum used to earn for living by stripping. So in the 2012’s movie Magic Mike, he kind of played an alternative, partially fictional version of imself. Needless to say that back in the day when Channing sow getting naked as the only (or just the easiest) way to pay the bills, his body looked perfect. In fact, he did not have any choice but to stay in shape: Channing Tatum weight gain would have cost him a job in the club.
When Tatum has built a successful career in Hollywood, he no longer had to take such a great care of his body (at least not all the time). During the periods when the next filming was not due to start within a month, or when his role did not require Channing to show a body of a Greek god, the actor used to let himself go, each time piling on a few pounds. However, his weight fluctuations have never been particularly dramatic and did not attract much attention. It all changed in 2013, when his fans (and the rest of people who are not completely indifferent to Hollywood news) noticed that the actor had gone through a drastic transformation within just a year.

In fact, Channing Tatum weight gain was so obvious that if he was a woman the tabloids would have announced him pregnant with triplets at least three times! But it was not Channing, just his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum that carried a baby in 2013 and as for the day, she is in a much better shape than her husband. Jenna has shed 33 pounds, pretty much all of her pregnancy weight in less than a couple of months after giving birth! So why doesn’t she just give Channing some tips on how to get rid of unnecessary weight?
To tell you the truth, Jenna did try to introduce her husband to healthier eating habits. In one of the interviews the actress revealed that she and Channing go to vegan restaurants quite often together. However, Tatum does that only because he loves his wife and wants to please her. And as soon as he gets home, he goes to the fridge and gets what he really likes- some red meet. So I guess Channing just does not have a taste to be a dieter. Plus, Channing Tatum weight gain does not make him any less happy: his gorgeous wife and little daughter love him anyway. So why should he starve himself?

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