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So today we are going to talk about Candice Bergen weight gain. I guess it does not really surprise anybody that over the years the former model and actress has piled on weight. After all, she is already in her late sixties and most women are unable to maintain the same weight at this point in their lives. However, the sheer number of pounds that Candice has added over the last decade or so is a little disturbing (at least for those who do not know her full story). After all, Hollywood legends are not just ordinary women and I know quite a few of them who did manage to keep their weight under control. For example, Raquel Welch is almost the same age as Candice and she looks just amazing! According to this lady, what helped her to sustain the beauty was 40 years of practicing yoga.
I am absolutely sure that if that was what Bergen wanted, she could have hired a couple of personal yoga instructors plus a nutritionist too… However, an overall Candice Bergen weight gain indicates that over the last years she did not spend too much time exercising. So what’s the matter with her? Did the actress simply stopped carrying about her looks, or was it something different that caused this amazing transformation?
First of all, I believe that while talking about Candice Bergen weight gain we should not leave aside her personal dramas.

You might not know, but in 1980s this beauty got married to a man who was fourteen years her senior. Together they had a daughter and everything was going just great, until Candice’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. He died in 1995, leaving Bergen and ten-year-old Chloe alone. In one of her recent interviews Bergen has revealed that following the death of her beloved husband she could not even think about ever getting married again. However, she was lucky enough to find a new love, Marshall Rose. Five years into their marriage, Candice claimed she still cannot believe how lucky she was and had to pinch herself once in a while to make sure she is not dreaming. After years of sorrow, with her new husband Bergen finally felt safe, self-confident and happy again. And it is no secret that after settling in a comfortable relationship many women starts piling on pounds.
However, there is yet another, and arguably way more important, reason behind Candice Bergen weight gain. In 2006 the actress has suffered a minor stoke. Although she has recovered remarkably well (following the trauma she continued acting and even experienced a second wave of fame), her ability to exercise remains significantly decreased. I guess it explains why this actress did not manage to keep the pounds off!

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