Bruce Dallas weight gain

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So in this article we are going to talk about Bruce Dallas weight gain. I bet you know this gorgeous actress and if you do, you should also know that when she has first come to real prominence she was extremely skinny. Bruce is a daughter of famous movie director who grew up around Hollywood stars. As such, she has always knew that in order to be successful in movie industry you have to meet the standards of beauty that apply here- talent and inner beauty is not enough. Thus the young actress always did her best in order to stay in shape and looked great even in the tightest dress. However, something happened in the mid 2000s that caused Bruce Dallas weight gain…
That “something” was pregnancy. The actress met her future husband, Set Gabel, when they were both studying in New York University. According to Bruce, she was never the kind of girl who finds her happiness in men and dating wasn’t a big part of her life. However, when she met Seth everything started to look different. The starlet admitted that she has fallen in love with Gabel the moment she saw him and did her best to win his heart. Obviously, her efforts have paid off: the couple dated for five years and finally got married in 2006. By that time neither of them have felt quite ready to have kids, thus the couple agreed that there will be none of them until they are at least in their 30s.

However, there is a reason why people say that there is nothing funnier for the God than a person trying to make plans… As soon as the two got married, Bruce found out she is pregnant.
Although both would-be parents felt a little stressed upon finding these news, they were also vary happy. Even Bruce Dallas weight gain did not bring her mood down. The actress was enjoying her pregnancy and looking forward to being a mom. She was sure that holding her baby for the first time will be the most rewarding experience she has ever had. However, once again things did not go as planned. Bruce got a severe post-pregnancy depression and for quite a long time did not even want to look at her baby, not to mention taking care of him. In fact, the young mom used to call her baby “it” as if it wasn’t a little person but just some sort of thing that made her life miserable. Needless to say, back in the day Bruce Dallas weight gain was not among her greatest problems. First of all, she had to take herself together and to fight the depression. Fortunately, she has managed to win this battle. Moreover, now Bruce is a happy mother of two!

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