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So we all remember a little scandal around Blake Lively weight gain that broke out a while ago. It all started when the photos of the starlet and her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds on the beach have reached the internet. I am not saying that in these picks Serena… Woops, I mean Blake did not look good. In fact, both the actress and her man looked so charming (tanned, perfectly sweet to each other and so on) that some journalists have started to suspect that the actress has actually hired some paparazzi to fall on them “unexpectedly”. In other words, there have been some speculations that all that “casual day on the beach’ was just a set up, a well prepared photo shoot.
But let’s not start guessing, as it is not particularly important in respect to this article anyway. What I was trying to say that although in the pictures form the beach Blake Lively weight gain was rather obvious, she still looked gorgeous. I guess she just belongs to the ranks of lucky ladies who gains weight proportionally and just looks more feminine as they pile on a few additional pounds. This is all the more jealousy invoking if you know that the actress barely ever works out. I can’t guarantee this is 100% true, but on numerous interviews Blake has claimed that she hates jogging, as well as sweating in the gym.

Her body looks the way it does purely thanks to a healthy diet (well relatively healthy) and fast metabolism.
So what has changed just recently? What is the reason behind Blake Lively weight gain? Did her metabolism simply started slowing due to her age? This seems like a logical explanation, but I think there is more to that. According to the couple’s friends, Blake and Ryan feel ready to have a baby. And although the actress is not pregnant yet, she is hoping to conceive in the nearest future. Trying to prepare her organism for conception, the actress has quit alcohol and started following healthy diet. As she began partying less and sleeping more, her weight has started to grow. Again, that is what the friends of a couple claim, but it is for you to decide whether this seems like a plausible explanation or not. On my part, I must notice that after quitting to drink most people lose, not gain pounds as alcohol, and especially various sweet cocktails, has loads of calories.
There is yet a simpler way to explain Blake Lively weight gain. It is likely that the starlet started piling on pounds as she fell in love and began a serious, fulfilling relationship with Reynolds. As you might know, this happens to many women.

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